Table 28 Introduces New Spring Menu

Chef Scott Rains at Table 28 has built his reputation on offering something unique to his diners each time they visit his west Little Rock restaurant. From the first day that Table 28 opened, he was putting food on the table that you could not find anywhere else in Little Rock…and that is still true today. With the introduction of Table 28’s new spring menu, which we’ve posted below, diners will continue to be intrigued by what this unique restaurant is serving…there’s nearly always some small surprise waiting for the adventurous eater at Table 28.
First off, the new menu includes a section that was not present on previous menus here. The “Bites” section is intended to be a handful of small appetizers or bar snacks to begin a meal or to munch on during happy hour with a cocktail. Look for dishes like marinated olives, Hungarian goathorn peppers, and the sweet and spicy peanut “Cracker Jack.”
Where Table 28 has always distinguished itself is the large selection of small plates. My preferred dining experience at Table 28 has always been ordering a half dozen or so small plates to share, in order to sample a larger number of dishes without an overwhelming amount of food or astronomical bill. Look for new additions like the “Burgundy Snails” with lemon and bone marrow gratin or the octopus with pickled peppers and spicy limoncello.
From the entree sections, they’ve added a few interesting items…dishes where Rains hopes to invite diners to venture outside their “comfort zone” just a bit. Look for new additions such as the “Skate Piccata” with caper berries and preserved lemon or the “Scallops Maine” with bok choy, crispy sushi rice, and chile aioli. There’s also a new meatloaf with “potato mash” and shiitake gravy, a braised lamb shank with pickled peppers, and wild boar chops with boar bacon waffle and blueberry reduction.
They’ve removed the popular “Tongue & Cheek” in exchange for a new variation of grilled beef tongue with sauerkraut and whole grain mustard. But diners will still find many of their old favorites like the fried Brussels sprouts with bacon and pecans, calamari “snitzel”, the “squid filet”, the foie gras biscuits and gravy, and the mussels with spicy chorizo.
Get on over to Table 28 and see what kind of good things they’ve got coming out of their kitchen.
Table 28 is located inside the Burgundy Hotel at 1501 Merrill Dr., Little Rock. (501) 224-8051

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