Rebel Kettle's Food Menu Gets Friendly With New Sharables Options

While we certainly pull up a barstool alone more often than we like to admit around here, more often than not you can catch us enjoying our favorite brew with a friend or two. Rebel Kettle seems to nail this concept by revising their menu to include a whole host of sharable options that add to an already great food lineup and is now open on Monday’s so you can enjoy it every day of the week.
Rebel Kettle has always had a touch of Cajun style food on the menu, but after adding Tovya Prince and Gwen Jones (Beast Food Truck) to manage the culinary team the south of Arkansas influence has found its way in almost every dish.
It all starts with options like the Crawfish Cheese Dip and Boudin Stuffed Mushrooms. Both take classic elements you will find on menus throughout the city and add a Cajun twist. The cheese dip adds a nice element of spice along with meaty crawfish that really gives this dish an extra punch. Stuffed mushrooms are another example here. You can find them in various forms on dozens of menus throughout the city, the addition of boudin adds an extra element to this. Plus the fact that they come in six large bite sized caps make mushrooms a perfect sharing food.
“We really wanted the menu to reflect the customers we have in,” Jones tells us. “People stop in for a beer with a friend, or they are visiting a couple of breweries. They do not always want a full sized meal, so the sharables section is a perfect spot.”

Speaking of Gwen Jones’ impact on the menu, anyone who has ever stopped in at her Beast food truck knows that she is known for her meat items, including her legendary bacon. Jones is bringing the bacon along with several other Beast favorites to the Rebel Kettle kitchen. All of the bacon dishes now feature Beast bacon.
One of the best spots to try this is on the new cheese fries. These are huge hand cut fries, fried twice, then topped with cheese, jalapeños, scallions, and Beast bacon. These are some serious cheese fries that should win a lot of people over. Even better you can top them with crawfish to go a little extra meaty.
Along with the bacon, Jones is cooking up pork rinds which may be the best in town. For now these are special on football game days and come with a pint of Workaholic Golden Ale. It is perfect for sitting back and watching the Razorbacks give half of Arkansas a heart attack with another narrow victory, or eat them with a side of crawfish cheese dip while watching LSU continue their trainwreck of a season, either way they are great.
The larger portions of the menu remain mostly unchanged, a few items such as the bratwurst have been dropped in place of a dish like the house made Boudin links. There is still plenty to get a great meal out of. Another positive change is Rebel is now making their own chips which are considerably better than the Zapps previously served.

The shareable menu is also priced perfectly. It starts off with the cheese fries and mushrooms at $6.99 and tops out with the shrimp sliders at $9.49. The three shrimp sliders come loaded, and realistically have more substance than the shrimp po’boy off the dinner menu (which comes with chips). Meaning you can easily have a good meal of loaded fries and a set of either shrimp or pork sliders with a friend for around $8 each.
If all that is not enough, they are adding some amazing daily specials. These rotate daily, but include some great dishes like seafood gumbo, shrimp and grits, plus a weekly crawfish special. You really need to try some of these, the ones we have had so far are excellent.
Overall the menu upgrades here are fantastic, it makes an already great food menu even better. Rebel Kettle consistently produces the most interesting, unique, and thoughtful beer in the local market, now with the adjustments the food menu is right up there to match.
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