Reader Picks: Best Fried Catfish

If there is one dish more iconic to Arkansas than any other, it might be fried catfish. If you grew up here your whole life like I have, then you have likely eaten several tons of catfish.
Fried catfish may be more iconic in the backyard fish fries, but there are several restaurants across the Little Rock area that excel in bringing the tradition home. Not all fried catfish are the same, people hold their recipes for breading as close as family heirlooms.
In this reader’s pick, we want to know what your favorite restaurant is around town for fried catfish. Fancy or a dive, it doesn’t matter. Last week we asked for nominations, this week we put it to a vote. The top 5 nominees made the cut, but three spots tied for 5th place so you have a few extra to choose from.
You have until the end of day Friday (Sept 22nd) to get your vote it. Results will be posted next week.
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