Petit & Keet Offers Up Something Fresh with Largest Menu Update to Date

Petit and Keet wraps up their first two years with the largest menu to date, this time adding or significantly adjusting 10 different dishes.
While that may not seem like a lot on a few of the larger menu restaurants, Petit & Keet’s dedication to a small menu means 1/3 of the menu is all new.
It is not a change they take lightly. Their menu development process is one of the most thorough of any local restaurant.
“We began tasting and experimenting with this menu several months ago,” General Manager Brent Lenners tells us. “We go through multiple iterations of every dish, with the management team making revisions until we can perfect the quality, flavor, and consistency of each dish.”
This iteration of the menu seems to really dial in all the points they go for, thanks in part to a strong culinary team featuring Steve Binotti, Matt Clark, Georges Launet, and others.
Among a couple of changes are significant updates to some menu staples that have been around since the beginning. The Shrimp and Grits feature a huge overhaul in style as they shift toward a more southern, bbq shrimp style atop creamy polenta and andouille-creole sauce.

Like every menu, they also rolled out a new version of their chicken sandwich. This version goes back to the Nashville hot chicken style a couple of menus ago, but opts for a drier and more subtle spice. The chicken this time is a pickle brine which really adds flavor to the meat. Finally, they top it with pimento cheese which adds a bit more heat that is quickly counteracted by their zucchini corn relish topping. It is the most well-balanced version of their chicken sandwich to date.
Finally, with the updates, the classic burger gets its first revision. This version switches to kobe beef for a higher quality burger, along with white American cheese and classic toppings like lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle. They pair this with a sweet bun for an added bit of flavor in the bread.
New to this menu, and possibly my favorite, is the Braised Lamb Shank. This features a root beer braised lamb shank for a nice flavor to the lamb, then it is covered in the same rootbeer sauce and sits on top of a bed of mint yogurt, lentil, artichoke, and fennel.
Other big changes include a Smoked Yellowfin Dip, Shrimp Ceviche, Grilled Romaine salad, and an Arugula salad.
The new menu is out now. Also, look for their wine flight Wednesdays which always has a great set of 3 wines to try for $15.

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