North Little Rock Does Restaurant Month Better

It feels like every city or region we spend time with has some sort of restaurant month, most of them a standard fare. Eat at a local restaurant and receive some discount for eating if you mention that it is restaurant month. The promotion has been rehashed so many times that neither restuarants nor diners get too excited about it. Most places offer a minimum just to say they did something. A 25¢ scoop of ice cream, a free drink, or maybe an appetizer. Last year for Little Rock Restaurant month Dugan’s Pub threw out 50% off just to see if anyone was paying attention, by and large they didn’t.
Last year when North Little Rock decided to do a restaurant month they did something unbelievable. They broke the mold and tried to make it a little more exciting and tried to actually get people engaged with the restaurant month program instead of just finding ways to temporarily cheapen the dining out experience. It is a move that I really hope catches on for other areas, and one that we are absolutely proud to support here.
Thankfully, North Little Rock Restaurant Month is back for another round this month and this one looks as good as ever.
To start, the Trojan ticket giveaway is back. Last year the North Little Rock Trojan night was one of the busiest games of the season. The concept is simple, eat at any restaurant in North Little Rock, participating or not, and bring the receipt to the Burns Park visitor’s center or the North Little Rock chamber and get free tickets to the February 6th Trojan game against Appalachian State. There are no limits, so bring in receipts for the whole family.
Also back this year is the photo giveaway. Just tag #EatNLR in any Instagram or Twitter photo and they give away free prizes. These are very good prizes, such as concert tickets and Traveler’s baseball tickets as well as gift certificates. Again, it does not even have to be from a participating restaurant, just anywhere in North Little Rock. We may even round up some of our favorites again this year to be featured on Rock City, who knows, we may throw in a prize pack of our own.
Even more for this year are a few additional perks like free restaurant delivery from Chef Shuttle on any North Little Rock restaurant, just use the code NLRRest2017. Also they are giving away a Taziki’s gift card every Tuesday on Facebook, all you have to do is like and comment on the thread. There is the one for today so you can enter.
In all it is the little touches of engagement and willingness to do something different that makes us love North Little Rock restaurant month. Not to mention some fantastic places to eat local. We will round up some of our favorite spots in North Little Rock next week.
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