New Cheesecake Co Becomes Velvet Whisk, Food Truck Rolling Strong

New Cheesecake Company has come a long way from their humble traditional cheesecake origins. Yes, they still offer the creamiest cheesecake we have ever had, but the movement toward other cheesecake infused desserts has prompted a name change to the Velvet Whisk Cheesecakery.
We started seeing signs of the changes last fall when they announced their food truck. New desserts such as their cheesecake filled cookie roll and a cheesecake swirled brownie were starting to shine on the menu.
“We are still very cheesecake focused, but we are becoming strong with our various desserts that are not traditional cheesecakes,” owner Mary Jo Sikkema tells us. “The new name and updated branding will better reflect who we are and represent our non-traditional desserts better.”
Along with the name change we have seen a strong variety of new desserts in the window of her food truck, which launched earlier this spring.
The Velvet Whisk food truck has been a regular at our monthly food truck events in Bryant, and will be out again this month. With the truck it allows her to sell a number of dessert options and reach many more people than before. In fact her truck has been so popular at our food truck event, it is typically the first to sell out despite her greatly increased inventory thanks to the extra space.
Along with the name change the truck is also updated with the new logo and matching color stripe. Sikkema says she hopes to continue to introduce new concepts and flavors through the truck, all of which can also be ordered for catering events.
Check out the Velvet Whisk on July 20th in Bryant at our monthly food truck meetup, or catch them around town at various events.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

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