Loblolly Welcomes the Heat with New Summer Flavors, Adds Macarons As a Melt Free Option

Loblolly Creamery has kicked off the summer with fitting ice cream flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The homemade ice cream makes a delightful combination when paired with a special selection of macaron flavors.
Loblolly Creamery has partnered with Christen Byrd to create a selection of macarons. The macarons began with a trial run but are here to stay.
“The macarons started as a trial but really have taken off and we are excited to offer them year-round,” Loblolly Director of Branding and Marketing Elizabeth Strandberg said.
Much like the summer ice cream flavors, the macarons will come in seasonal flavors. A few seasonal flavors include blackberry; peaches and cream; blueberry mascarpone and more.
“Joining the Loblolly team has been an absolute blast,” Byrd said. “They are so fun to work with! We introduced a s’mores macaron filled with ganache and marshmallow fluff as well as a lemon macaron with raspberry buttercream to line up. We will be introducing more flavors like blackberry; peaches and cream; and blueberry mascarpone to the summer macaron rotation. I love how much Little Rock loves our macarons!”

If you are wondering where you can grab these goodies, The Green Corner Store and Soda Fountain, located at 1423 Main St. in Little Rock is the place to go. The slow-paced environment is the perfect place to unwind after a day of outdoor activities or a day spent inside at the office.
A new seasonal ice cream flavor, Campfire S’mores, consists of a spiced graham cracker ice cream swirled with torched Loblolly mallow fluff and chocolate ganache. The Campfire S’mores flavor pairs nicely with the s’mores flavored macaron.
“S’mores are really popular and trending right now,” Strandberg said. “The s’mores ice cream is really delicious and we are excited to see how it has taken off since its release.”
The Lemon Berry Ice Box Pie ice cream is a refreshing flavor that would be ideal for a summer pool party treat. This Southern classic dessert with a sweet raspberry swirl is balanced by the tang of pure lemon ice cream and a buttery crust crunch.
The Blackberry Sweet Corn is a delightful sweet corn ice cream with swirls of fresh Ark. blackberry compote.
Five other season flavors are on the summer menu such as: Double Vanilla; Rock Town Bourbon Pecan; Salted Caramel; Dark Chocolate Sorbet; and Milk Chocolate. Limited edition flavors will also come and go throughout the summer, get them while they are offered because they won’t last long.
In addition to the favored seasonal ice cream flavors and trendy macarons; Loblolly is releasing a new sorbet flavor each month. Cucumber Cooler kicked off as the first of three sorbet flavors on the summer menu. The cucumber sorbet, made with Rock Town Distillery’s small-batch aged gin and fresh mint, will be offered through June.

Black Coffee Sorbet is up next, beginning in July, it will be the second featured sorbet flavor of the summer.  Coffee lovers take note because the Mountain Bird French Roast sorbet is your kind of treat.
“The July flavor is a fancy French coffee sorbet,” Strandberg said. “The flavor is super pungent and really good.”
The summer sorbet selections will wrap up in Aug. with Salted Watermelon Sorbet. Loblolly partnered with locally owned Laughing Stock Farms to create the salted red velvet watermelon sorbet. This summer sorbet selection is Vegan and dairy-free.
All of Loblolly’s ice cream selections are produced in small batches, hormone-free and the base is made in-house.
“Our ice cream is really set apart in the way that it is made,” Strandberg said. “It is always super fresh because we make is with local and seasonal produce. It is hormone-free and we make our own base. We make our ice cream in three-gallon batches. It is always fresh because we often make it the day before it is served, or within the last week.”
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