Little Rock's 40 Best Restaurant Patios

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Spring has sprung and with it so has the desire to maximize our wonderful weather and dine outdoors. In no particular order, here are Little Rock’s 40 Best Restaurant Patios:
1. Casa Mañana (6820 Cantrell Rd)
Very underrated patio. Not too big, but being located in the back of the restaurant makes it quiet and secluded.
2. Baja Grill (5923 Kavanaugh Blvd)
Small but intimate. Athough street traffic can at times add some unwanted noise, I still enjoy the feel for the Heights you get while dining outside.
3. Cheers in the Heights (2010 N. Van Buren Blvd)
Again, not big but incredibly cozy and especially wonderful for outdoor evening dining.
4. Boulevard Bread Company (1920 N. Grand St)
Ideal for a quick breakfast. Not big and sits right in the parking lot, but it will do.
5. Scallions (5110 Kavanaugh Blvd)
I love this patio! It’s sunken and heavily shaded. Possibly one of the better patios in all of Little Rock.
6. Vino’s Brewpub (923 W. 7th St)
It’s nothing to look at and honestly, not in the best of shape…but the deck in the back gives you a very nice view of downtown buildings.
7. Damgoode Pies River Market (500 President Clinton Ave)
The seating is fairly limited but does offer some a great view of the river. Not wet weather protected.
8. Izzy’s (5601 Ranch Dr)
If you live in far WLR, Izzy’s patio provides a perfect place to crush some of those tamales.
9. Milford Track (10809 Executive Center Dr, Plaza 2)
Even though MT is located in an office building, it’s tough to beat the outdoor patio. It provides an excellent view of a large pond and you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees.
10. The Fold (3501 Old Cantrell Hill Rd)
Small and fills up fast on a beautiful day/night. But it’s a real gem and has such a nice vibe. Highly recommended patio.
11. NYPD Pizza (6015 Chenonceau Blvd)
Very underrated patio. Although it does run alongside the parking lot, the views of the hills outweigh any of the minimal car noise.
12. Forty Two (1200 President Clinton Ave)
The patio doubles the size of Forty Two’s inside dinning room and outlooks the Arkansas River.
13. Local Lime (17815 Chenal Parkway, Suite F-105)
LL has both a open air patio, as well as one that closes in the cooler months and becomes an extension of the main dining area. Quite nice.
14. The Faded Rose (1619 Rebsamen Park Rd)
It’s no frills and sits right in the front of the restaurant, but TFR’s patio certainly hits the spot on a beautiful day.
15. Maddie’s Place (1615 Rebsamen Park Rd)
Maddie’s is right next door to The Faded Rose and offers basically the same view but in a slightly more secluded area.
16. Acadia (3000 Kavanaugh Blvd, Suite 202)
Pictured above, Acadia has certainly one of the best patio dining areas in the city. It’s a real gem.
17. Leo’s Greek Castle (2925 Kavanaugh Blvd)
Leo’s is located right across the street from Acadia, but you definitely won’t confuse the two patios. That said, Leo’s is quaint and cozy.
18. Big Orange West (17809 Chenal Parkway, Suite G101)
Big Orange’s patio is sizable and does a nice job of making you feel like part of the always vibrant Promenade atmosphere.
19. Big Orange Midtown (207 N. University Ave, Suite 100)
No surprise here as Yellow Rocket once again hits a homerun with fantastic outdoor dining that transitions perfectly to the main dining room.
20. ZAZA Fine Salad + Wood-Oven Pizza Co. (5600 Kavanaugh Blvd)
Well, we might as well finish up with the Yellow Rocket offerings by including ZAZA, which probably has my least favorite of the YR patios, but is still quite adequate.
21. U.S. Pizza Company (2710 Kavanaugh)
I’ve honestly never eaten here, but this picture should give you an idea of what to expect.
22. The Purple Cow (11602 Chenal Parkway)
Certainly nothing special as it’s located on the side of the busy Chenal Parkway. But consider it a nice spot to sit with the family while enjoying a sundae.
23. YaYa’s Euro Bistro (17711 Chenal Parkway)
Much like Big Orange West, YaYa’s patio is expansive and gives diners a real feel for the Promenade.
24. Cajun’s Wharf (2400 Cantrell Rd)
How can you not like this view? Enough said.
25. Ciao Baci (605 Beechwood St)
Ciao Baci’s porch is a wonderful option, especially when the inside of the restaurant gets a little loud during the later evening hours.
26. Cache (425 President Clinton Ave)
Granted, Cache’s limited outdoor space is really a bar lounge, but it’s a damn fine place to have a drink and look out at the heart of downtown.
27. Capers (14502 Cantrell Rd)
A picture is worth a thousand words.
28. Copper Grill (300 E. Third St)
Just a solid patio with great vegetation. Copper Grill has done a nice job with the area.
29. Salut Bistro (1501 N. University Ave)
Another very underrated place, Salut offers the perfect outdoor setting for any after work happy hour.
30. Brave New Restaurant (2300 Cottondale Ln, Suite 105)
Brave New’s interior isn’t a show-stopper, but its patio with river views certainly is.
31. Diamond Bear Brewing Company (600 N. Broadway St, NLR)
Diamond Bear’s pub and restaurant has a great outdoor area to enjoy some food, a beer or two, and even outdoor games.
32. The Pantry (11401 N. Rodney Parham Rd)
Don’t expect a big outdoor setting from The Pantry, but what they do have is a couple tables that give a few lucky customers an open-air dining experience. One downfall is its close proximity to the parking lot.
33. Trio’s (8201 Cantrell Rd, Suite 100)
Trio’s has a nice covered, 10-table patio area with plenty of gorgeous flowers manicured by co-owner Capi Peck herself.
34. Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro (200 River Market Ave, Suite 150)
Another patio I’m not familiar with, but it is a nice option if you’re in the downtown area and looking to dine outside.
35. Loca Luna (3519 Old Cantrell Rd)
I’d be on board with this.
36. Red Door (3701 Cantrell Rd)
And with this.
37. The Root Café (1500 S. Main St)
You take any seat you can get at The Root. But during pleasant climates, diners are treated to the outdoor area after they raise the protective coverings.
38. Oishi (5501 Kavanaugh Blvd, Suite G)
Oishi has a very limited, albeit interesting open-air area to the restaurant. It’s completely covered but opens up to the street and sidewalk traffic.
39. Riviera Maya (801 Fair Park Blvd)
Ownership has done a good job of closing this patio off from the parking lot.
40. Slim Chickens (4500 W. Markham St)
Surprisingly, a fast food establishment closes out our list, as the Slim Chickens near UAMS has a very cool covered outdoor seating.

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