Izard Chocolate Announces Retail Locations

Regular patrons of the Hillcrest Farmers Market are quite familiar with the Izard Chocolate booth. Up until now, it was the only place in town to purchase some of  owner Nathaniel Izard’s chocolate bars. But here’s some great news…
“I’m happy to announce that we’re finally producing enough to start selling in a few retail outlets. Starting Wednesday, Eggshells Kitchen Co. will be carrying some of our chocolate, and then on Thursday, Mylo Coffee Co. and The Green Corner Store will have our chocolate as well,” says Izard.
Izard Chocolate has been in business since February of 2014 and offers a variety of bars for lovers of dark chocolate. “We have four ‘production’ bars right now, though a few more origins and ‘inclusion’ bars are on the way. This includes a single origin bar made with cacao from Dominican Republic and another made with cacao from Belize. We also have the Mylo Coffee Bar and our Icelandic Sea Salt Bar. All of the chocolate is 70% cacao bean content,” says Izard.
Those who’ve been fortunate enough to try this fine product know that only good things are in store for this local Little Rock company. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve had so far. People love the chocolate, and they like that it’s made right here in Arkansas,” says Izard.
And what does the future hold for Izard Chocolate?
Says Izard, “Lots of big things! We’ve just recently made a big upgrade to our machinery, we’re having a roaster built for us out in Oklahoma City, and we’re importing a tempering machine from Italy. This will speed up and increase production, as well as improve the overall quality of our chocolate. And that’s just the beginning!”

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