I'm Eating A New Pie Every Day In February…With The Help of Capital Bar & Grill

February is National Pie Month. This is something the folks over at Capital Bar & Grill take very seriously. In fact, every February they put on one of the most spectacular pie performances in the state. They serve a new pie every day of the month throughout February. It’s an impressive undertaking. The pastry is being led by Chef Matthew Dunn, one of the most underrated chefs in this city.
In honor of this vitally important national celebration, I’ve been issued a particularly sweet challenge by CBG…and of course, I’ve accepted. For the month of February, I will be eating every pie on the menu at Capital Bar & Grill. That means a new pie every day…for the entire month. And lucky for me…it’s a leap year! Bonus pie days are the best days.
Has anything like this ever been attempted in the history of man? Probably not. Has anyone ever died from an excess consumption of pie? I hope not. But it’s time to give pie the respect and dedication it deserves…and I know of no finer salute to pie than to eat far more of it than medically, ethically, or socially recommended. Please keep me in your prayers.
If you’d like to get a slice of the sweet life yourself, you can head on over to Capital Bar & Grill any day this month and sample the pie of the day. The full schedule is listed below. There’s a mix of both sweet and savory (every Thursday) to help keep things interesting. And I’m definitely looking forward to some “blueberry brown butter.” And “fish pie”? That will be a first for me.
I’ll be documenting the whole thing on Facebook and Instagram (@daniel_is_eating), I’ll have a round up at the end of the month to let you know how the whole thing went down. And in case you missed it, here’s my recent list of the 10 Best Pies in Little Rock.
Feb 1 – Peanut Butter Banana
Feb 2 – Passion Fruit Raspberry
Feb 3 – Guava Empanada
Feb 4 – Steak
Feb 5 – Apple
Feb 6 – Chocolate Creme Fraiche
Feb 7 – Butterscotch
Feb 8 – Key Lime
Feb 9 – Chess
Feb 10 – Blueberry Brown Butter
Feb 11 – Chicken Pot Pie
Feb 12 – Banoffee
Feb 13 – Chocolate Raspberry
Feb 14 – Red Velvet Whoopie Pie
Feb 15 – Sweet Potato
Feb 16 – Vanilla Raspberry
Feb 17 – Orange Grand Marnier
Feb 18 – Beef Empanada
Feb 19 – Coconut Cream
Feb 20 – Moon Pies
Feb 21 – S’mores
Feb 22 – Buttermilk
Feb 23 – Derby
Feb 24 – Strawberry
Feb 25 – Fish Pie
Feb 26 – Apple & Rhubarb
Feb 27 – Fried Chocolate
Feb 28 – The “Just Pie”
Feb 29 – Lemon Meringue

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