Honey Pies To Open Up Shop In West Little Rock

Sharon Woodson’s Honey Pies first hit the Little Rock food scene around seven months ago. Since that time, she’s been operating primarily as a delivery service and making appearances at various food truck meets around town. But it’s been quite impressive to see just how far she’s been able to spread her wings. Today, you’ll usually find Honey Pies products at three or four vendors a day — at restaurants or food trucks or other special events.
It’s no surprise, really. If you’ve had any of Honey Pies’ desserts, you’re likely already aware of Sharon’s immense talent. These pies are, without a doubt, some of the best in the state…and I’ve never spoken with any of her customers who would disagree with that statement.
But Honey Pies appears to be destined for even bigger things. Sharon has purchased some retail space and will soon be opening a Honey Pies shop in West Little Rock. The pie shop will be located at 315 N. Bowman Road, where she’ll be neighbors to a growing list of restaurant newcomers in that shopping center, namely Lulu’s Latin Rotisserie & Grill and BASH Burger Co. The space is currently getting some cosmetic work done — flooring, wall coverings, ceiling tiles, etc. —but Sharon hopes for an opening date of late May or early June.

With the opening of a storefront, Honey Pies is looking to expand their menu as well. Of course, there will be multiple flavors of sliced and whole pies available daily to be enjoyed in the dining area or for take-out. Then there will be additional baked goods — cookies, breakfast pastries, cinnamon rolls — available at various times throughout the day. This will be accompanied by drip coffee, bottled beverages, and ice cream. The shop will also offer a small merchandise selection of locally-made grocery items and kitchen staples.
Down the road, Sharon would like to have Honey Pies operate as a full-service bakery, coffee house, and ice cream parlor. This would mean an espresso and a full coffee service throughout the day, and a full ice cream dipping counter all at this location. She’ll be serving Loblolly ice cream, so Honey Pies would function much like the ice cream counters you’ll currently find at The Green Corner Store or Mylo Coffee Co.
This is wonderful news for our growing food scene. Not only will Honey Pies be offering a spectacular product, but they’ll be helping fill a need that’s been present in this neighborhood for years. I look forward to what the future holds for Honey Pies. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram feeds for updates.

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