Hibernation Time for Many Local Food Trucks

Food trucks are some of the most enjoyable food experiences around. Nothing like meeting up with a few friends, chatting with some of the wonderful truck owners out in town, and eating outside.
Until it turns cold that is and you spend 10 minutes waiting for some spicy chicken and dumplings while your legs get frostbite.
Winter for trucks means many lunches that cost more to setup than they are able to actually make. The local trucks are understanding this and as a result many are taking the winter off this year from daily schedules. It is not so good for someone trying to fill their belly during the week on some chicken and waffles, but the break does give the trucks a chance to recoup and come back strong in the spring.
Note that most trucks are still doing festivals and meetups like our Food Trucksgiving in Bryant this Saturday. So you are not completely void of goodness, but make sure to get out when they are setup.
Also several trucks offer catering options for events, so be sure to contact them if you have a party. Most offer a better catering option than a lot of local caterers in town, plus a much better experience.
Here are some of the trucks that we know are shutting down for the holidays, usually December – Late February/Early March. If you run a truck and want added to the list send me your info through our contact page.
Waffle Wagon
Waffle Wagon will close up their weekly lunch schedule except for Sunday Brunch at Stone’s Throw. Catering and special events are available, 501-319-3132 for catering options.
Beast Food Truck
Beast will stop their weekly schedule except for the occasional Hillcrest Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings.
Southern Gourmasian
Southern Gourmasian will shut down their weekly schedule to focus on completing the new restaurant downtown at 219 W. Capitol.

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