Hanaroo Sushi Moving to Old Three Fold Location

Hanaroo sushi bar is getting some new digs down the road a ways. A sign posted on the door says they are moving to 215 Center Street, which is the former location of Three Fold.
We knew it was a strong possibility, we heard before Three Fold moved that Hanaroo was negotiating to enter the space. It looks to be official as Hanaroo is in the process today of clearing out the old location and moving.
Hanaroo has been a long time favorite for downtown workers. I found discovered it after working downtown over about 10 years ago and it has been a heavy rotation since then. The sushi is always top quality, and the lunch bento boxes are great options.
Their previous building has been in a rapid state of decline due to a negligent building owner for several years now. The entire building is nearly empty except for Southern Gourmasion, and it looks like parts of it are closer to being condemned than rented out at any point in the near future. Hopefully the rapid pace of downtown growth can spur some investor to put money into the building, which is in a prime location for business.
No official word from Hanaroo if that is the reason behind the move, but given the very visible decline in the building it is very likely.
The new spot is nearly move in ready, thanks to the good shape Three Fold left the location in. It will no doubt need a sushi bar installed and a few minor updates here and there, but it likely will not take Hanaroo long to open the doors.
Hanaroo has not set an open date that we can find, there were no answers on the phone due to either hours or the phone in a box somewhere between the new and old locations. Expect it to be soon though, so keep a lookout if you enjoyed the spot.

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