Guten Tag! New Food Truck, The WunderBus, Bringing Authentic German To Little Rock

Seems like the good news keeps on coming for the Little Rock food truck scene. More specifically, there seems to be some folks really looking to push the proverbial envelope a bit with what they’re bringing to our city.
Soon, Little Rock will welcome The WunderBus into its food scene…the latest food truck to join our steadily growing fleet. And what exactly is The WunderBus? We caught up with owner, Jacqueline Forrester, to find out.
Jacqueline is joined by her brother, Auguste Forrester, and the two have partnered to bring The WonderBus to light. The truck’s menu will highlight “authentic German street food.” They’re still in the process of menu planning, but we can expect things to be finalized in the next month of so.
Bratwurst will be a menu staple, using pork shoulder from Farm Girl Meats. They’ll also be doing traditional schnitzel — a boneless cut of veal, pounded thin, coated with flour, egg, and bread crumbs and pan fried. They’re putting the finishing touches on their Hungarian goulash and spaetzle recipes, and they’re expecting to offer Challah rolls, with sauerkraut and lavender slaw. Expect recipes that work with seasonally available produce. Jacqueline promises the menu with be “as close to exclusively locally-sourced as possible.”
Jacqueline spent some time in the kitchen at Natchez before it closed, where she learned a bit from Chef Alexis Jones. “I really got to observe the way that Alexis was doing business with local farmers,” she says. “There was a genuine care and concern for the people who brought in food. She frequently fed them and was genuinely committed to crafting her menu in such a way that showcased their produce and promoted their business.”
Jacqueline came to better understand the mutual respect and inter-dependency farmers and local restaurants shared, and she greatly admired the handful of restaurants committed to supporting local producers. “The livelihoods of families depend greatly on these interactions,” she says. With the inception of her truck, Jacqueline felt an intense need to contribute to her community. She’s looking to further support the relationships between farmer and chef.
Look for The WunderBus to be serving their authentic German fare by the end of the year. They plan on making the rounds in both Little Rock and Conway. Keep tabs on all their developments by following their Facebook page.
The Wunderbus admits the truck is running a little behind schedule, but expects the truck to be ready by March. The first stop will be the Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs according to a Facebook post by the truck. 

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