First Look: Say 'Hello' To Your Sweet New Friend, Honey Pies

After living through 32 Thanksgiving feasts in my lifetime, I’ve learned one thing to true…there’s always room for more pie. This principle also hold true within the Little Rock food community in general…there’s is always room for more pie and pie makers.
Perhaps you’ve also noticed, but of late, Little Rock has said ‘farewell’ to some excellent sources of pie. The beloved food truck, The Pie Hole, recently packed it up and will be heading to Dallas. The ever-so-talented folks behind The Pizzeria at Terry’s once operated The Pie Shop at Terry’s…but I guess pizza proved to be enough work…and the pie shop is no more. The short-lived dynamic duo behind Pies B4 Guys dissipated after one of its founding members shipped off to the Pacific Northwest.
Currently, in Little Rock, there’s definitely room for more pie.
Well, you’re in luck pie people. A new pie maker has arrived in the Little Rock foodscape and she’s bringing with her some beautiful desserts that undoubtedly deserve your attention. Let me introduce you to Honey Pies.
Honey Pies comes to us from veteran pie maker, Sharon Woodson. Sharon is a native of Northwest Arkansas, but moved to Little Rock two years ago. She grew up next door to her grandmother and recalls being her “constant sidekick”, learning to cook and bake by her side beginning at around four years old. She says she’s “dreamed of opening a pie shop for as long as she can remember.” Luckily for us, her dreams are becoming a reality.
Honey Pies sells high quality, hand-mixed, made-from-scratch pies using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. Currently, she’s offering three pie options: a chocolate fudge brownie pie, a honey crisp apple pie, and a honey pecan pie.
Recently, I contacted Sharon and placed an order for a chocolate fudge brownie pie…and before too long, she was on my door step delivering my dangerously delightful pie. And listen here folks, I don’t mean to set expectations too high, but that was probably the best chocolate pie I’ve ever eaten…or at least, I can’t remember ever eating anything better than Honey Pies’ version. The filling was warm and gooey, with a slightly crispy top. The crust was phenomenal…buttery, flakey and tender. This pie did not last long in our home, I assure you.
Currently, Honey Pies is a pre-order/delivery and special event business. While a brick-and-mortar location is her ultimate goal, she’d like to get her name and product out and around town for a bit before that happens.
Currently, you can sample Honey Pies by pre-order with next day (scheduled) pick-up or delivery (anywhere in Little Rock). Sharon can be contacted via Facebook message, email (, or phone (501-613-7950). All of her contact info and menu items are listed on Honey Pies’ website and on their Facebook page.
She’s also got a few events on the calendar, too, in case you’d like to get out and sample her wares for yourself. On October 22, you’ll find Honey Pies at the Jacksonville Food Truck Meet (from 5-8 pm, 5 Municipal Dr., Jacksonville) and on October 25 at the Holiday Shopping Spectacular Sunday (10 am – 4:30 pm at the Little Rock Rivermarket Pavilions). At special events, she’ll be selling a number of “mini pie” options rather than whole pies.
Follow Honey Pies on Facebook to stay updated on future appearances and event. I’m fairly confident that you’ll be pleased with what this young business has to offer. With all the upcoming holiday parties and events, you’re sure to need a few pies at some point. Give Honey Pies a shot, you won’t regret it.

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