Delta Biscuit Co Looks for Spring Launch

It has been nearly a year and a half since Delta Biscuit Co announced plans for a biscuit centric breakfast spot. During that time a lot changed as plans began to take shape, the new plan is to launch this spring as a food truck.
Owner Hayne Begley is currently in his last week of a fundraising campaign to put together some initial startup funds for the truck with an April launch party date tentatively set.
“A truck was always part of the plans for Delta Biscuit Co, it helps us doing caterings and reach people outside a brick and mortar,” Begley says. “Once I got into planning I realized it made more sense to start with the truck before a brick and mortar location.”
Begley says that even once a brick and mortar the food truck will still be operational.
The menu ideas for Delta Biscuit has also evolved. The menu will still be based around their fresh made biscuits, but the possibilities for the using the biscuits is some of the more creative around. Yes they will have traditional items like biscuits and gravy, biscuit sandwiches, and the like, but Begley is also looking at things like biscuit burgers and various dessert items involving biscuits. It will all be paired with premium coffee from the truck.
The fundraising campaign also brings some unique perks for Delta Biscuit including free food, shirts, posters, cooking classes, and especially a backer party that will kick off the official opening. The campaign runs through the 10th. Beyond that Begley hopes to run a few popup events and caterings until opening.
Begley hopes to succeed in the truck where many other trucks have failed in the market lately.
“I want consistency. I want to see the truck in the same place every morning in an easy to access location,” Begley explains. “Then for lunch we may move occasionally, but leverage ways to keep customers informed about where we will be. I think to operate a food truck well it has to be available where and when people expect it, no one is going to drive around town to hunt for a truck.”
The lack of consistency with location is something that has doomed a number of trucks over the past couple of years. The more successful trucks have moved to Begley’s idea of a truck plus brick and mortar option, so it feels like Delta Biscuit Co is setting itself up for success to begin with.
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