Damgoode Brews Debut at Beer Bash Tonight

Pizza and beer go together like, well, pizza and beer. When Damgoode Pies opened its location in the River Market this past March, foodies and beer enthusiasts alike were pumped to discover that the eatery would be keeping Boscos’ old brewing set-up.
Since then, Damgoode has been perfecting its own line of brews which will be debuted tonight, thanks to the partnership that includes Josiah Moody of Moody Brews along with the hard work of Josh Quattlebaum and Nick Dudley. Even though some of the in-house brews have been on and off the tap already, the Beer Bash offers a chance to get to try all of the house brews at a great price – $3.
The fun doesn’t stop there, the deal also extends to select Moody Brews beers on tap, which include the special release of 4 barrel aged beers. There will be two barrel treatments of the hoppy strong Belgian farmhouse, Katchiri’s Bier ­(French Chardonnay and Rock Town Distillery’s gin), Damgoode’s Porter (which Moody helped create) and the last of Moody’s Cuban Pull in Rocktown whiskey barrels.
I got a chance to sample some of the in-house line – Damgoode Brews – before the party, so you can narrow down your possible favorites.
The Extra Pale Ale – From what I was able to gather, this beer was a bit of an accident as two beers were mixed together during the brewing process. What a glorious mistake, however, as it could be my absolute favorite from the line-up. It harbors a rather sharp citrus bite that is tempered with a subtle floral undertone.
The Red Ribbon – This golden ale comes in at 4.5 percent ABV with a cheeky, “almost won the blue ribbon” description. The Ribbon is a fairly gentle drink, which would pair perfectly with any pizza topping choice, anchovies included.
The Pale Ale – This American Pale Ale was smooth, smooth, smooth. At 5.5 percent ABV Damgoode calls it a “staple,” and I can’t argue that, as I could see myself cooling off from the Arkansas with one of these in hand.
The Slam Dunkel – This darker wheat beer is the way to go if you are craving a brew that harbors a hint of sweetness. The beer has a velvet-like consistency, and at 5.2 percent ABV it’s not overwhelming, but rather, a pleasant solution to a long day.
The Porter – I’m not a fan of porters, typically, but this one’s combination of chocolate, toffee, and coffee was phenomenal. As you drink it, the sweetness begins to change, and the toffee takes the forefront on the flavor. I couldn’t help but taste a slightly smoky finish in this beer. I could definitely drink one or two of these, albeit slowly.
Don’t forget to try The Ace of Hops and El Hefe as well. If they are anything like what I sampled, you’re in for a treat. The Beer Party lasts until close, but you’ll want to get there at 5 p.m. sharp so as not to miss any of the festivities.

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