Crawfish Season Heats Up In Little Rock

There are many food seasons in Arkansas throughout the year. Tomato season, strawberry season, tomato season #2 after the temperature goes unexpectedly back up in fall.  Above all, our favorite comes from our proximity to our neighbors to the south. Crawfish season is better than any other, and it is finally here.
Traditionally crawfish start off a little slow, and are typically small coming out of the winter. However thanks to unseasonably warm temps this winter, the crawfish should come out about perfect at the start of the season.
Crawfish are sort of the ultimate Cajun food (although Vietnamese crawfish are delicious and very different). So naturally The Faded Rose is one of the best stops in town to grab some crawfish. They officially kick off the season next Tuesday at 4:30, and will run every Wednesday after until usually early May. Get in early, because the tables fill up very fast. Faded Rose is also adding crawfish catering this year, so they will use their new mobile unit to bring the boil to you.
The other big place to grab your mud bugs is K Hall & Sons Produce. They started selling last Saturday and will sell every Saturday until the end of the season. Like Faded Rose, get there very early. Seafood Saturdays are legendary, and the line only grows longer in crawfish season. The open time is officially at 11, but you will find people lined up well before then.
Newer to the crawfish boil game is Loca Luna and Red Door. The sister restaurants started holding crawfish boils last year and will return again this year (weather permitting). Their boils are every Thursday at either location, and legendary Little Rock chef Mark Abernathy can hold his own against the other locations.
Aside from the three ongoing weekly boils there are still some good places to grab crawfish around town if you keep your eye out. South on Main has held a boil in the past, Rebel Kettle has discussed boils, along with many others. Some of the best crawfish still comes from little roadside stands, especially further south in the state, so don’t hesitate to hit up a truck that you have never seen before slinging crawfish.
Either way, enjoy crawfish season while it lasts, it will end quicker than you think and it always leaves us hungry until next year.
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