Bruno's Deli Set to Open July 5

After months of planning and a few major setbacks, Bruno’s Deli finally has its opening date. Owner Gio Bruno tells Rock City Eats he plans to open the new deli on Tuesday, July 5. The new deli will occupy a small space one door down from Bruno’s Little Italy on Main St.
Gio Bruno got the lease on the space adjacent to his restaurant back in June of last year. He had hoped to open the deli at the beginning of 2016, but a series of delays kept construction from starting until January. The deli looked like it would be open in March until a large storm dumped rain on the construction site, leading to some extensive flooding damage for the property.
Over the last few months, crews have worked to fix the damage done to the floors and walls. Even now, Bruno says teams are still working to get the final repairs and painting done before the July 5 opening date. The stucco above the deli still needs to be fixed, which could lead to an active construction site even past opening day.
In the meantime, Bruno says he is working on moving food and equipment into the space and training his staff. When it’s open, Bruno’s Deli will serve Italian sandwiches for lunch at a time when Bruno’s Little Italy isn’t open. Bruno’s Deli will also offer sliced meats and cheeses by the pound to take home, as well as some Italian grocery items, including olives and pastas. Rock City Eats will have a full preview of the new space as opening day approaches.

Author: Steve

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