Brewing in Arkansas Grows with Lost Forty Brewing Upgrades and Canning Line Addition

Lost Forty Brewing wasted no time becoming the state’s largest brewer, today they widen that gap even further with the addition of two new 90 BBL Fermenters and 90 BBL Brite tanks.
The addition is part of an upgrade to support their new canning line for Lost Forty beers which is also being installed today. The increase should more than double the total output.
“We were producing around 2,400 barrels a year with our original 150 BBL fermenter,” co-owner John Beachboard tells us. “Now we should be able to produce between 5,000 to 6,000 barrels per year.”
To put the new output in perspective, in 2013 Arkansas as a state 10,417 barrels of craft beer. That put us at 50th in per capital output in the country. Lost Forty alone will now produce more than half that amount as craft brewing has grown dramatically over the last two years.
Thankfully, that growth will translate to the grocery and liquor store beer sales as Lost Forty plans to have cans available by the end of the week across central Arkansas.
“We are installing a canning system from Wild Goose, which is made in Boulder Colorado. We will start with a two head system that should produce 3-400 cases per run,” Beachboard says. “We hope to increase that amount later this year by expanding to a four head system.”
Initial canning will feature Lost Forty Pale Ale followed by Love Honey Bock. More beers will come to cans later this spring.

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