At The Corner Continues To Impress With Latest Menu

Get ready to satisfy your tastebuds with At The Corner’s newest menu. From breakfast and weekend brunch to a satisfying lunch, the new dishes include innovative offerings and fun flavor combinations you can’t really find anywhere else.

Owner/Head Chef Kamiya Merrick says – “We’ve found our niche, at least in the Little Rock market … and we have a following now and a strong customer base. We wanted this menu to reflect that in the sense that we are going to do something different that you don’t see in Little Rock often – different flavor combinations that you wouldn’t typically expect, but that will knock your socks off.”

For instance, start your day with the Savory French Toast, which comes with house made beef bacon, Kent Walker’s Montasio, and local arugula alongside fiery red pepper jelly.

Merrick continues, “My favorite thing about this dish is that it covers it all. It has your sweet, savory, salty and even a little bit of sour with the red pepper jelly. It’s a little bit of everything.”

Plus, the beef bacon is made in-house, along with most of the meat on the menu, including the burger, Canadian Bacon, breakfast sausage, pastrami – and the list goes on. Owner Leila King says, “Kamiya and Chris have gotten so great at making their own meats – they’re becoming phenomenal at that.”

If you need something to kick start your weekend, check out the Cowboy Breakfast available on the brunch menu. It comes with sausage gravy atop two buttermilk biscuits, two breaded Crystal Lake tenders, and a sunny egg.

Merrick says, “The breaded recipe is Chris’s recipe – he’s a fried chicken master.” And ultimately, the flavor combination is a winner – think creamy gravy with a slight kick alongside a sweetly spicy chicken tender all fried to perfection.

Burger lovers will have to try the Beer & Bourbon Burger – which comes with an updated version of the Minute Man Barbecue recipe. The team obtained the recipe from one of the franchise’s former owners, and added a slight twist. Sous chef Chris Busick says, “We basically took it and elevated it slightly with Rebel Kettle beer and Rock Town bourbon.”

The team is pretty pumped about that particular dish, as Leila says, “That sauce is amazing – just the fact that the former Minute Man owner trusted us with the recipe was a huge deal.”

If you can’t go for a burger, check out the Pastrami Sandwich which comes with house pastrami, cheddar, sauerkraut, house made bread and butter pickles, and dijonnaise on Arkansas Fresh ciabatta.

The Canuck (which you’ll see grace the breakfast and lunch menu) is a savory combination of Canadian bacon, Kent Walker Montasio, caramelized onions, arugula, and honey mustard on ciabatta. Merrick says, “The house-cured Canadian bacon is not really what most Americans are used to, but this is the second time for us to put it on the menu and we think it’s worth a try.” For breakfast the Canuck comes topped with a sunny egg.

If you want to stay on the lighter side for lunch, indulge in the Sweet Potato Salad. A collaboration between Leila and Merrick – it’s a comforting combination of oven-roasted turkey, sweet potato, fresh mixed greens, house made ricotta, Kent Walker Montasio, and house-spiced pecans from Hardin Farms. The salad is served with a fan favorite that has been a staple on the menu – the maple vinaigrette which includes real Canadian Maple Syrup.

Cool fact – the salad greens come to the restaurant in living form, and as Merrick says, “We actually have to take the root off it. It gives it a bit more crunch – you can really taste the freshness.”

The creativity just keeps flowing at the eatery, and the team has begun to really push the limits – especially during brunch. Leila explains, “We’re now doing a creative corner – so every weekend there will be four or five items that are really creative and that you’ve never seen before.”

“You have to be here early, though,” laughs Helen Grace King, “those go by noon.”

Peruse the rest of the menu here and head out to the funky finer diner to get a taste yourself.

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Author: Becca

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