Tusk and Trotter to Open Argenta Restaurant

Bentonville based Tusk and Trotter announced Friday night that they will open a second location in Argenta coming this Spring in the First Orion building.
Tusk and Trotter opened in Bentonville in 2011 just off the Bentonville Square and was instrumental in developing the now-strong Bentonville culinary scene. The Argenta location will be their first expansion of the Tusk and Trotter brand, however, the restaurant group also operates Bentonville-based restaurants Butcher and Pint and Trash Creamery which opened earlier this year.
Chef and owner Rob Nelson, who is originally from Hope, was on hand for the announcement of the new location.
“I am a southern Arkansas boy, and it is nice to return a little closer to my roots,” Nelson says. “I am excited to bring our take on high south cuisine to Argenta and I am really excited about the future growth of the area.”

Tusk and Trotter’s concept is what Nelson calls high south, which is essentially Southern classics and flavors re-imagined for a modern palate. Originally this meant a strong exploration of meat, especially pork, as the name suggests. The last several years have incorporated a much more diverse menu with great vegetarian options, different meats, and great flatbreads and sandwiches.
Nelson tells us that the menu and concept will stay the same as the Bentonville restaurant to start. He will be splitting his time between the Argenta location and NWA, something he has already been doing frequently as the 2019 president of the Arkansas Hospitality Association.
Tusk and Trotter’s open date has not been set yet but will open sometime in the spring. The first Orion building is a part of the Argenta Plaza development and is set to officially finish out late this year. The area is also planning to include a food hall area in the adjacent Power and Ice building.

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