Truckin’: Weekly Food Truck Updates

The food truck scene in Little Rock is starting to take off again in a big way. This is in large part due to a combination of great new trucks and good locations to set up.

The truck scene is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up with, so we are introducing a new roundup called Truckin’. This weekly feature will take a look at the schedule for some of the most popular trucks, new trucks on the scene you should check out, and any festivals going on during the week.

Truck Events:

Saturday: Brews and Bites at the Outlets

Delta Biscuit

Tuesday (lunch) – Hudson Cisne & Co
Wednesday (lunch) – AR Crime Lab
Thursday (lunch) – Hogan Taylor
Friday (lunch) – Bramble Market
Friday (dinner) – Pyramid Fights @ Metroplex

Low Ivy

Saturday – Me & McGehee
Sunday (brunch) – Railyard

Adobo to Go

Wednesday: Frances Flower Shop 11-1:30
Thursday: US Able Life Bldg in WLR off Chenal 11-1:30
Saturday: Brews & Bites at The Outlets of LR 12-5

Say Cheese

Saturday (lunch) – River Valley Horticultural

Tren Al Sur

Saturday (lunch) – War Memorial Stadium

Want to add your truck schedule to the list? Email us your schedule.
(cutoff, Mondays at 5pm)


Truckin’: Weekly Food Truck Updates