The 1836 Club Builds Freshness and Flexibility into Their Menu

The beauty of the 1836 Club has always been the ability to transform itself into what the members are needing at any given time. Day-to-day it is a great place to stop off for a quiet drink and grab dinner, but it can be a place to hold a private business meeting, a place to hold a large fundraiser, or a spot for an intimate wine dinner.
Nearly four years into the private club, they are starting to settle into their skin in terms of what that means by operating a kitchen. It shows strongly in their latest food menu.
The menu is flexible in ways that a normal restaurant can’t be, and is clearly designed around various different ways members use the club. Want a drink and a quick bite after a long day at work? They have strong comfort food options and a great whiskey section. Want to impress a client during a meeting? They have great steaks and seafood options with wine pairings. Want to hold a small party? There are a number of good sharable dishes.
The menu is built around being able to have fresh ingredients even with a large menu. They do that through strong cross-utilization of ingredients and making everything in-house. The biggest trick, however, is simply holding lower inventory and buying frequently.

“The biggest change in the way we manage the food is how we control freshness,” owner Mark Camp says. “Where we would get one shipment of food a week in the beginning, now we are going for smaller pickups almost every day. It keeps the ingredients fresher and allows us to be flexible with our specials in a way we never could before.”
Buying frequently also allows them to work more specials into the menu without being bound by what they have on hand. The weekly specials range from things as simple as a chicken sandwich to surf and turf options with filet and lobster. They are often built around what is going on in town and in the club that week.
“We want to provide a comfortable environment for our members to enjoy it how they please,” Camp continues. “We are a private club, which allows us to be flexible in ways that wouldn’t always make sense for a restaurant. We get guests from all over the state, the country, and even the world, so we want to be able to offer something for all occasions.”
The 1836 Club is open Monday-Friday from 4pm to 11pm, and Wednesdays for lunch from 11am – 2pm for members and guests.
The 1836 Club
1406 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock 
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