Snow Day Open List: Restaurants Open Today

Snow in the Rock brings almost everything to a halt across the city. Thankfully if you made it to the grocery store too late for the bread and milk there are always a number of restaurants open across the city. Here is a roundup of the restaurants we know to be open today. As always if you own, manage, work for, or just have knowledge of any restaurants open today let us know and we will add it to the list.

Also if you do decide to venture out and eat today, remember to be extra respectful of the staff. Every single place open is working on a skeleton crew, many of which risked their life and car insurance rates to make your dish. Be a little more patient, tip a little more, and understand if they are out of certain items due to lack of prep and lack of delivery options.


Stone’s Throw Brewing – Regular Hours

Mugs Cafe – Regular Hours

South on Main – Regular Hours

Lost Forty – Opens at 2

Capital Bar and Grill – Regular Hours

One Eleven – Regular Hours

The Root Cafe (hours unknown)

Skinny J’s – Opens at 12

Flyway Brewing – Regular Hours

Reno’s Argenta Cafe – Regular Hours

Community Bakery (hours unknown)

Samantha’s (hours unknown)

Crush Wine Bar – Opens at 4

Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro – Opens at 4

Flying Saucer – Regular Hours

Cache – Regular Hours

Green Corner Store – Open 2 – 9


Faded Rose – Regular Hours (may close early)

Loca Luna – Opens at 4pm.


Heights Taco & Tamale – Regular Hours

Zaza – Opens at 2

Boulevard Bread Co (Heights) – Regular Hours

Scallions – Open 11-2


Big Orange (both locations) – Opens at 2

Mylo Coffee Co. – Regular Hours (opened at 9)

Kemuri – Regular Hours

River City Coffee – Regular Hours

Hillcrest Artisan Meats – Opens at noon (burgers will be served)

Oyster Bar – Regular Hours

Cafe Bossa Nova

The Pantry Crest


Big Orange (both locations) – Opens at 2

Table 28 – Regular Hours

YaYa’s – Open at 11, will close early for dinner

3 Sam’s – Open for lunch, may close early


Nashville Rockin Grill (Maumelle) – Open at 1



Snow Day Open List: Restaurants Open Today