RCE Restaurant Resources

Our goal has always been to help provide competitive advantages for small, locally-owned establishments.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, restaurants need customers and resources now, more than ever. So we have been quietly hammering away on resources for restaurants to utilize. We will continue to add to this list and incorporate external resources as we can.

Visit Rock City 

We have retooled our Visit Rock City restaurant platform to serve as an information portal for finding restaurants during this time. Over the past week we have gone through our 150+ restaurant list and sorted those remained open and those closed. Then we included information about service options, gift cards, and links to delivery and online ordering. Over the next week we are gathering information on family meals and updating menus throughout. We are also slowly adding additional locally-owned restaurants that are open.

Visit Rock City is a free platform for restaurants, any restaurant wanting to add their listing can do so here.

Restaurant Digital Platform

Our digital platform for restaurants is meant to provide restaurants with a website, online ordering, and basic digital marketing functions. The platform is built on a SaaS model, meaning you pay in a monthly subscription rate and as we update the system, add new functionality, and roll out new features your price stays the same. It allows restaurants to have a lower upfront cost to get started and allows us to add features as we see demand without costing additional money to what you already pay. It is a model we have experience with, and one that works for most major software systems today.

The biggest part of our digital platform, however, is going to be the added benefit of Rock City Eats’ marketing support. We are taking some of the key parts of our marketing program and combining it with ongoing digital marketing education and training from our 20 years of experience in the field, tools and integrations to help your restaurant attract more customers, and remote consulting access to answer your biggest questions.

Restaurant Website

  • Your own, branded website to drive customers
  • Easy to use content management built on WordPress for familiarity.
  • Contact information
  • Online Ordering (more about that in a second)
  • Photos
  • Hosting and domain (if needed) included.
  • Online Ordering

Restaurant Marketing

  • Search engine optimized website.
  • Facebook pixel integration to help deeply target customers.
  • Google and built-in WordPress analytics.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • Frequent training, webinars, and marketing tips from Rock City on how to take advantage of customer data.
  • Direct access to Rock City marketing consulting to ask questions about digital marketing.

Cost $200/mo for with a 2-year commitment

Rock City Marketplace

Our goal with the Rock City Market place is to provide a one-stop market place function for customers to order from local restaurants and markets. Restaurants and markets can sign up and select items for sale, or incorporate their entire menu. Customers will be able to order from multiple at once and restaurants will receive their portion of the order in email. The marketplace will work for pickup orders from customers at first, with delivery options coming soon.

It is perfect for restaurants with an existing web site to use as their online ordering, or places that want another outlet to reach customers.

On our end we will leverage advanced marketing to promote the restaurants and markets involved, driving customers.

Cost: Nothing to setup, we just take a very small percentage of each transaction for maintaining the marketplace and marketing.

If you are interested in any of these programs please give us a shout with the form below.