Restaurant Intelligence and Influence

Our intelligence program is aimed at all restaurants, big or small, to help leverage data to make decisions and improve the overall restaurant business. We start by taking sales data from the restaurant and merge it with different data points to make correlations, drive decision making, and analyze the restaurant’s profitability.

Want to see how one menu release performed against another? We got that. Considering enclosing a patio and want to see how much revenue you lose when the weather is bad? We can give you that number. Want to see if that promotion activity worked or what the impact on running a social media campaign was? Easy.

The intelligence program brings together data and analysis to provide high level decision making.

Our influence program is only available for restaurants inside our content areas currently. We take a high level marketing approach to driving in traffic, leveraging the best of content, advertising, and external marketing.

By making it a systematic approach we can greatly reduce the cost while dramatically increasing the overall return for restaurants over traditional advertising. When paired with our intelligence program we can take it one step further by focusing directly on profitability of target market areas, ensuring a larger return on investment that otherwise possible.

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