Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Here it is, two days before Valentine’s day and you do not have a reservation yet. You are completely screwed right? Maybe not. There are still tons of spots to have dinner at around town, especially if you are willing to roll the dice on a restaurant that is not taking reservations. Thanks to the big day being in the middle of the week this year there are even a handful of premium spots with seats still open.

Keep in mind, any of the reservation spots can and will fill up, so call now. For the non-reservations spots you are at the mercy of everyone else who had the same idea.

Reservations Still Open
Most restaurants that take reservations are offering fixed menus to help with flow so be prepared for a set list of options. Most of the reservations available are early (5pm) or a little later (8+pm). On these I would suggest calling, do not always trust reservation systems like open table. Sometimes the host will have more knowledge and can adjust things to open up a spot for you.

Table 28 (after 8pm)

Heights Corner Market (8pm)

La Terraza


42 Bar & Table

South on Main (8pm)

Baja Grill

The Southern Table

Agasi 7

Red Door


Non-Reservation Spots
Some of the places use apps like NoWait or at the very least can tell you how many are on the list if you call ahead. Some might even throw you on the list if you are nice enough. Regardless in these spots the best plan would be to hit an area with several options, put your name on the best list and have drinks somewhere while you wait. Areas like Riverdale, The Promenade, Heights, Hillcrest, and downtown are great for this.

The Faded Rose

The Pizzeria

Rebel Kettle

AW Lins

The Fold

At the Corner

Big Orange

Local Lime

Heights Taco & Tamale


Lost 40

Diamond Bear 

Three Fold

Soul Fish




Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas