Big Orange and Lucie's Place Team Up for One Sweet Shake

Little Rock’s food community is wonderful in the ways it supports those who need help. One of our favorite examples starts today at Big Orange and Big Orange Midtown. For the entire month of February, Big Orange will sell the Lucie’s Rainbow Shake and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to Lucie’s Place. This is the third straight year that Big Orange has offered the Lucie’s Rainbow Shake to raise money for such a worthy cause.
If you don’t know about Lucie’s Place, it’s a Little Rock-based nonprofit that supports LGBT young adults who are experiencing homelessness. The organization runs a drop-in center downtown where those affected can get assistance with bus passes, cell phones, clothes and toiletries. Those who come to the drop-in center are able to work on resumes and job applications, study, or simply hang out if they have nowhere else to go. For many LGBT young adults experiencing homelessness, just finding a place to rest without fear of harassment is a welcome relief.
Lucie’s Place also operates two homes in the Little Rock area where those affected can stay for free and learn needed job skills. Many LGBT young adults experiencing homelessness didn’t come from stable households and were never taught these skills. Lucie’s Place helps them learn needed skills to find a job, then helps them manage their finances until they’re ready to move into their own place. It’s an admirable mission that Scott McGehee of Yellow Rocket Concepts fell in love with.
“The work that Lucie’s Place does in our city and state to help promote equality and acceptance for young adults is incredible!” said McGehee. “We are proud to partner with a group whose mission of acceptance, appreciation, and support for all is so parallel to what we strive for everyday within our organization.”

Lucie’s Rainbow Shake at Big Orange

As for the shake itself? It’s a vanilla milkshake with a four-layer slice of cake in it, each layer colored in one of the Lucie’s Place logo colors. It is also as delicious as it looks, and while you could probably share it with a friend, you might as well enjoy it yourself since it’s supporting such a great cause. Lucie’s Place founder Penelope Poppers says she’s blown away by the event and what it represents.
“This event is incredible because it not only raises much needed money for LGBT young adults in our community, but these shakes are universally loved!” said Poppers. “The energy around these shakes feels similar to me to the energy that surrounds Girl Scout cookies or the McRib … it is incredible! Huge thanks to the Big Orange team for continuing what has become a yearly tradition!”
The Lucie’s Rainbow Shake at Big Orange and Big Orange Midtown lasts all of February. For more information about Lucie’s Place or to find out how you can help, visit their website here.
Photographs of the Lucie’s Rainbow Shake are property of Big Orange and used by permission.

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